Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog #10

So what did I really learn in English 102?  I learned that Owl Purdue is the best place to go to help me cite my information. Remembering, all the concrete details are cited and if it is not my own words then I need to cite it.
            I have also learned that using “you” and “one” are offensive to my audience. I can use “I” in my paper. But I need to avoid using “I think” or “I feel”. I have learned that writing contractions is wrong to write informal paper. Contractions do not help my word count. I have also learned that using active verbs will have better impact on my audience that using is, are, was, and were.
            I have learned how to use TS, CD, and CM paragraphs. It should be eight sentences and it is an effective tool to use. I have also learned to use old and new information. I really like using this. It challenges me to write my paper so it flows together and helps me stay on track. The old and new information also helps fill in the space.
            I learned that writing my rough draft it is a working progress and I should not turn in my rough draft. I should revise my rough draft many times before I turned it. I have learned that doing some prewriting helps me write my paper. That is ok to have peers edited my paper.
            Overall I have learned a lot in English 102. Most important I learned that if it is not your own thought, I must cite it.

Blog #9

In meeting my goals, I learned that when reading articles then stating your opinion and evaluating the author. I found this difficult at first because I wanted summaries the article. But I have learned that I need to state my opinion and be bold about it. I did revise this paper.
            I found that Critical Analysis paper to be a challenge because you had to watch a movie and analysis the characters, the storyline, and your opinion about the movie. I was not sure how to write this paper. I will continue to work on this skill awhile I am in college. The Critical Analysis paper I still need to revise and I will revise it before the end of the semester.
I have master the goal of writing the research paper and using electronic sources for my paper. I am getting better at using Waubonsee Library’s databases.  I learned that when citing the article do not use the catalog citing because it is wrong. One goal I learn was citing what are not your own words and learning that it is your concrete details. Today, I will be looking at my research paper and polishing up so I can turn it in today.
I will continue to work on my writing skills because I know I will need later my career. If I want to be a teacher, I need to have good writing skills to communicate with kids, other teachers, and parents. I will continue to work on my grammar.
Overall I have master most of the goals in this class. But there is always room for improvement. I will always willing to make my writing better.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog #8

            My research paper is going good. Some problems I had was taking all the research information I got and reducing it down. What was really helpful was following the outline to write my paper.  I was good at doing the citing and the in text citing in the paper. I need to go back over my paper and reread it. I also need to look over my grammar because my grammar is not good. The thing I would have done different is not writing the paper last minute. I also wish I would have looked at all my information and complied it down.
            But overall my research paper is doing well.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog #7

Humor to me is things that make laugh or watching funny movies with my family. When I am having a bad day my brother can always make me laugh and make me feel better. My brother can be very funny. No, I though the cocaine dealer was an idiot and not funny at all.
When I think of style, I think of fashion and what kinds of style there is in clothing. Or what kind of style does not person have.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog #6: Critical Analyses Reflection

I am sorry it is late. I realize after the due date that we had to blog and have been busy to blog.
The critical analyses were on “beautiful Girls.”  I found that boys are so immature in this movie and need to just grow up. I thought my critical analyses did not turn out great. First of all I did not know what to write about. I did not like the movie. I was confused on which format to use and how to cite it the right way. I know will fix the paper because I did not like my grade.  I made some stupid mistakes. I should have read it before turning it. I felt like I just type bunch of words to fill the pages. But again it did not know if I was really even writing the paper the right way. I guess need to critique the movie more. I feel like I am always behind or doing things last minute.
            My goal is to fix the paper and makes it flow better. I will fix the cite stuff. I will critique more of the movie. I try to fix all my grammatical errors. I hoping the next revision I turn in, I will get better grade. I will try to not summarize the movie. I also need to just statement my opinion and explain it and move on. I need not to be afraid to say it. And I am going to try to add that is the revision draft.
            Overall my paper needs work and I will fix it!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog #5

I don’t remember much about the Evaluative Summary paper.  It is hard to blog about this when I don’t have the paper and I can look at my mistakes. And I did also did not realize we had to revise this paper and turn it back in.  I was not sure I did this paper right.  But I am hoping did. But I try to show my opinion and the author’s opinion. I also tried to back it with information from the article. I know use is, are, was, were, and am. I really don’t understand why we cannot use them in a paper. It is hard for me not to use them. My English 101 teacher tried to explain it, but I did not get. Maybe you could explain to me? I also was in hurry to get this assignment done and I was more worry about getting two pages worth. I found this topic sorted of interesting and boring.
            I really don’t know to make this paper better. But I will try to change the verbs is, are, was, were, and am. And I will other corrections if necessary. I will also refer to the book for guides on picking the right verbs to use.
            I really don’t like fixing paper over and over. And I really hate writing papers. If the revisions are due on October 19, 2010, how are we turning them into when we don’t have class? Are we e-mailing them to you or blogging them?? I just was wondering!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog #4: Research Paper free Write

My family is most important to me. My family comes first in my life. We love watching sports and movies together. Some shows we watch together are Survivor, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, CSI’s, and The Doctors. Eating dinner with my family is important because we talk about our day at school, work, and life. Next to that my cat is very important to me. Patches needs lots of care. He is diabetic and needs shots. I petty much take care of him because he is my cat.
                I loved dancing and took dance classes. I took ballet, tap, and Pointe. (And I don’t want to write about this). I loved reading when I get a chance. I loved reading romance novels and mysteries. I don’t play sports and I am not in any clubs. I also like playing on facebook. I am currently going to school full time and working a lot. No time for extra activities.  I like to listen to music on my iPod music. I love animals especially cats, dogs, and monkeys.
I don’t watch the news and don’t want to watch the news because it is boring and depressing. The only time I hear the news is on the radio. A lot of times I am switching stations because I want to hear music not people talking.
                Some other shows I like to show are Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Keeping Up with Kardashians, Kate plus 8, Kendra, Paula Dean, and Quints by Surprise.
                Recently I am interested in caking decorating. My grandma used to do cake decorating and has taught me some tips. She even gave me her cake decorating supplies. I would love to learn more about cake decorating and take a class on it. I am not very good but, my grandma said I just need practice and I am doing well as a beginner. My mom said she would take a cake decorating class with me.